UJINO Fuyuki Yamakawa

Saturday 16 January 2016 at 19:30

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UJINO was born in 1964 in Tokyo. Since the 1990s, UJINO created a number of sound sculptures including LOVE ARM series and made live performances. In 2004 the artist initiated his best known The Rotators, a project of sound/sculpture/performance installations made of omnipresent products like electric home appliances, automobiles, furniture, old records and decorative lights combined and transformed to function like an automatic rhythm playing system. This project has lead to a number of exhibition and performance opportunities inside and outside Japan. In 2013 his first Japanese museum solo exhibition POP/LIFE was held at The Hakone Open-Air Museum, presenting extensive selection of works from his entire career and attracted much attention.

Fuyuki Yamakawa

born in London UK on 1973. based in Tokyo Japan. Yamakawa manipulates "Khoomei" (a singing method unique to the traditional music of the Republic of Tuva) and undertakes activities that transcend the boundaries of art. By employing technology such as synchronizing his heartbeat with the flickering of light bulbs or using medical equipment such as bone-conduction microphones, he transforms the human body into a space.