Mika Kurosawa Takao Kawaguchi

Saturday 17 October 2015

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Mika Kurosawa

Mika Kurosawa, called “God Mother” in Japanese contemporary dance scene, was born in 1957 in Yokohama. She began learning modern dance at the age of five from her parents, Teruo Kurosawa and Eiko Shimoda. Kurosawa went to New York in 1982, where she developed her own distinct style through collaborations with local artists such as Amy Rosen, Bebe Miller and Nina Wiener. She was strongly influenced by the experimental, bare-movement style of the Judson group as well. Returning to Japan in 1985, she started collective works based on improvisation with dancers, musicians, artists and poets in Japan as well as abroad. From 1987 to 2003 she developed her two dance series "Fune wo Nagameru: Gazing the ship..." (1987-1994) and "Guzen no Kajitsu: The Fruit of Chance" (1990-2003). In 1999 Kurosawa started to focus on her solo dance series under the name of "Bara no Hito: The Rose Man”, which is a solo dance, but also a collaboration with other artists at the same time. Alongside she has been active with her group “Mika Kurosawa & Dancers”, in which dancers ages range from 20’s to 60’s and as a member of “Mikazuki kaigi”, a dance unit consists of professors. Kurosawa has been performing under an alias “LouReeko (Ruriko) Kazama” and “Michiko Koishikawa” which denies/disguises Mika Kurosawa.


Takao Kawaguchi

Born in 1962 in Saga, Japan. Currently living in Tokyo. Started acting when student, and after having learned the “mime” physical theater, Kawaguchi shifted to performance. He joined ATA Dance from 1990, and Dumb Type from 1996, After 2003 he worked mainly in solo, exploring live performance crossing over the borders of theater, dance, video and plastic arts. In recent years, he has createed “Butoh-related” performances: “Yameru Maihime (The Ailing Dnace Misstress) - Two solos inspired by the texts of Hijikata Tatsumi” (2012), and “About Kazuo Ohno - Reliving the Butoh Diva’s Masterpieces” (2013). Currently in creation of a new piece “Touch of the Other”, a performance based on the sociological research on male to male sex in public toilets, scheduled to premiere in January 2016 in Tokyo.